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This Is The Logo For The 2020 Corvette C8

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Nothing like a mid-week leak.

The latest reports indicate the all-new mid-engined C8 Chevrolet Corvette will launch sometime this summer following a last-minute delay involving a complete electrical system redesign. In the meantime, we've seen plenty of spy shots and now this: an image of the C8's new logo. Thanks to the folks over at GM-Trucks.com, what you're looking at is the first and so far only non-rendered image of the logo.

Several months ago, a leaked key fob image also showed the 2020 Corvette's new logo and several enthusiast renders followed. GM-Trucks.com, however, is claiming this image "was obtained from publicly available files by a third party and passed along to us." It does look real and it just so happens to match that key fob image.

Considering the car's reveal date really isn't that far off, details such as this were bound to leak sooner rather than later. Throughout the Corvette's 66-year history, its official logo has undergone numerous modifications, though it has always remained instantly recognizable. Compared to the outgoing C7's logo, the new look has a more upright vertical design with sharper upper angles. The changes aren't drastic but they are noticeable.

This leak comes just ahead of another one from the same source, which will supposedly be a video animation of the C8's dash cluster starting up. We'll be on the lookout for this as well.

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Compared to the rest of the C8, the new logo will perhaps represent the smallest change. For the first time ever, the Corvette is ditching its famed front-engine setup for a mid-engine design. The reason for doing so is simple: Chevy engineers have maxed out the performance capabilities of the current design. The V8 engine, for example, has already been pushed as far as it can towards the middle. In order to offer next-level performance, mid-engine is the only way to go.