This Is The Love Child Of An 800-HP Mustang And Ford GT

SEMA 2016 / Comments

It's also not a bad alternative for those who got passed up for an actual Ford GT.

When rare and highly desirable supercars hit the market, it's usually the wealthiest and most connected of customers that get to buy one. But when Ford brought a seductive new GT out from its secret development dungeon, it took inspiration from the story of King Arthur's excalibur and decided that only the most worthy would get its EcoBoost-powered supercar. In total, only 500 out of 7,000 applicants got acceptance letters, but thanks to Zero to 60, these people don't need to suffer through life without a GT in their garage.

That's because the custom car manufacturer decided to breed a new car for the 2016 SEMA show and ended up creating the GTT, short for Gran Turismo Tribute. Essentially, the mash up seen here is what would result if the Mustang and Ford GT had a child. Starting with a Mustang GT, the Zero to 60 team took just six weeks to sketch, design, and build the GTT. Looks are subjective, but the GTT appears to skew on the positive side of the love hate scale. The silver inserts on the rear lights are questionable, but they do help add to the GTT's head-turning skill set. If you think that the Coyote V8's 435 horsepower is a bit lacking for a supercar imitator, then you're not alone because Zero to 60 thought so too.

It's okay though, horsepower is cheap nowadays so the team had to do little more than throw in a ProCharger supercharger and sign a peace treaty between the engine and air feeding unit using an ECU tune by SCT Performance. This gives the engine 800 hp of bragging rights, all of which is tied up with a nice handling package consisting of Pirelli P-Zero tires, Brembo brakes, and an Eibach suspension system. Expect to see the GTT at SEMA and later on sale as Zero to 60 begins production of the car in 2017. We're guessing it will cost substantially less than an actual Ford GT, but we'll have to wait until Christmas to find out.

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