This Is The Mercedes-AMG C63 Black Series We Want

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Please, Mercedes, do it for the fans.

Mercedes-AMG is synonymous with high horsepower, and thanks to the new AMG GT Black Series, that reputation has only been strengthened. However, the kids in us like the Black Series of special editions for more than just engine output. We love the ridiculous styling too, and the SLS Black that came before today's AMG GT was instantly recognizable thanks to its gaping intakes and massive rear wing. The C63 Black Series was similarly styled, and nobody pulls off menace quite like AMG, especially when it's for an exclusive model. As much as we love the crazy supercar that Merc has just unveiled - despite its ridiculous price tag - we kinda wish AMG would go all-out on the C63 once more. If it happens, it should look like what you see below.


The render posted by Instagram's CarLifestyle draws clear inspiration from the GT Black, with a widebody front end featuring an aggressive splitter, a vented hood, and vented front arches. The arches extend into gaping fenders that are pure racecar pornography. The AMG GT's aerodynamic extended side-skirts are also well-integrated into the design. Presumably, the track would be widened to improve grip, but the cherry on the top of this design is, of course, a huge rear wing that is impossible to miss. Overall, the design is fairly well-resolved, and we would not find anything amiss if this image were released by Mercedes-AMG itself.

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Mercedes has a great history with its Black Series, and has never struggled to sell one of these special editions. Thus, a last hurrah could be lucrative and we would be overjoyed if the V8 C63 could get the ultimate send-off with the Black treatment. However, part of the allure of the Black Series is that every car that has borne the badge thus far has been released years on from the last. Perhaps the reasoning is that too many special editions would dilute the value of the badge, and we wouldn't blame Merc for following this thinking. Still, one can dream, right?

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