This is the Mercedes S-Class Pullman

Mercedes has tasked Brabus with the 2+2+2's creation.

Mercedes plans to crown the S-Class range with a Pullman variant – patent images of which have just surfaced online. The drawings date back to February 2013, when Mercedes registered them in the US Patent and Trademark Office. At 6.4-meters long, the Pullman is essentially a stretched S-Class. Brabus will be tasked with producing the model that will adopt a 2+2+2 seating arrangement with four rear seats facing each other. A privacy divider will keep the chauffeured quartet in secluded separation.

Also in the works is an armored Pullman that will carry a price tag of $1.27 millon, making it the most expensive S-Class ever built. The S-Class Pullman should arrive in 2015 after the extra-long wheelbase S-Class Maybach that will debut later this year and before the S-Class Cabrio that's tipped to arrive in 2016.

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