This Is The Mid-Engined Supercar Aston Martin Needs To Make


This render is so stunning, we wish Aston Martin would put it into production right now.

Under the helm of newly appointed CEO Andy Palmer, Aston Martin is embarking on an exciting new era, with plans to produce seven supercars in as many years. One of those happens to be the highly-anticipated AM-RB 001 hypercar currently in development with Red Bull. Essentially a mid-engined, 1,000 horsepower race car for the road, it's a radical departure from the refined, front-engined sports cars the company is renowned for.

Of course, the AM-RB 001 is on the more expensive side of the spectrum – it costs over $4 million, and only 150 are being made. And they're all sold out, so you can't have one anyway. Thankfully, Aston Martin has said that the AM-RB 001 will pave the way for a more affordable mid-engined supercar in the future. Sadly, there's no indication how this mid-engined car might look. Enter French designer Adrien Fuinel, who has imagined the manufacturer's future mid-engined supercar in a render that's so stunning, we wish Aston Martin would put it into production right now. Fuinel calls his work of art the Aston Martin RR.

From the slim LED lights, to its gaping front grille, as you can see, the design draws inspiration from the viscous Vulcan track car. The rear taillights look similar to the One-77, but the similarities end there: the RR is an altogether more aggressive beast, featuring four exhaust pipes, a sizable rear diffuser and an air brake. It's fair to say it would stand out on the streets. We reckon the Aston Martin RR captures the essence of the brand while taking it into a bold new direction. It's aggressive, yet still sleek, particularly at the profile where it's devoid of any unnecessary lines. The design gets top marks from us, but does the aggressive Aston appeal to you?

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