This Is The Mitsubishi Hardcore Off-Road Truck Of Our Dreams


Not surprisingly, it was custom-built for Fast & Furious Live.

Mitsubishi currently does not sell a pickup truck or a body-on-frame SUV in the US, though that could potentially change in the near future. For now, America has Mitsubishi crossovers like the Outlander and new Eclipse Cross. In the UK, however, you can buy the L200 truck, which isn’t overly impressive, but this one-off version is. Not surprisingly, it was custom-built specifically for Fast & Furious Live. Mitsubishi has announced it has teamed up with Fast Live Productions and racing driver Shane Lynch to create this hardcore off-road L200.

The L200 SVP II has been heavily reworked, with add-ons such as 15x15 rear wheels, extended suspension travel, external roll cage that also wraps around the wheel arches, front bumpers, and custom-fabricated, laser-cut metalwork. It’s painted in a two-tone grey with black and orange trim. Under the hood is a bespoke engine: an upgraded 2.4-liter turbo diesel. The custom-side exhaust and manifold, larger front-mounted intercooler, turbocharger, and ECU remap all combine for added output which, oddly, was not mentioned in the press release. Step inside and there’s a totally stripped-out interior, aside from a couple of carbon fiber bucket seats and four-point racing harness.

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The L200 SVP II is actually one of three Mitsubishis making an appearance in Fast & Furious Live in the UK. A Lancer EVO is one of the other two. “The truck sits perfectly alongside the incredible vehicles that have captivated viewers of the Fast & Furious franchise and is one for audiences to look out for in our adrenaline-packed production, said James Cooke-Priest, CEO, Fast Live Productions. "We’re very grateful for the support of Mitsubishi in the arena and behind the scenes.”