This Is The Model X That Will Bring Jeep Wrangler Fans To The Electric Side

Its electric torque and simplistic off-road system will blow smoke down the snorkel of any “rugged” off-roader.

A clear but unfortunate design theme present in many of today’s full-size crossovers, the Nissan Pathfinder for example, is that despite having four-wheel drive and off-road mode selectors, most of them aren’t built to explore the badlands with out running into an abrupt wall of limits. In our experience with the Pathfinder, a parking lot curb was enough to put some damage on the front end. If that’s the case, then how is one supposed to off-road in vehicles like this?

If you’re rendering artist Mo Aoun, then you use your imagination to dream up something truly wicked. Given that the Tesla Model X is no stranger to a bold line of limits bestowed upon it with a low ground clearance and a bevy of complicated technology, it’s no surprise that a stock Falcon-winged Tesla shouldn’t be the first pick when it comes to conquering the Rubicon. But Mo Aoun’s Model X looks up to the task. Armed with all the off-road hardware it needs to climb just about anything, this is the modded Model X you’d want if the North Koreans send nukes or if the zombie apocalypse starts. And it’s not the tow hooks, off-road body kit, fender flares, roof rack with LED lights, or the menacing black paint job that do the trick.

No, what makes this Tesla the perfect off-road companion is the lift kit and accompanying off-road tires. Without a power plant placed under the hood, this Model X has the luxury of being able to modulate how much torque goes to each wheel without the need for a fancy four-wheel drive transfer case, low range gears (maximum torque on tap all the time baby), differential locks, or even portal axles like in the G500 4x4 Squared or truly outrageous E-Class Estate All Terrain 4x4 Squared. Just the same electric motors, ideally protected from the water, and fancy off-road software provided by an over the air update. What are you waiting for Elon?

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