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This Is The Monstrous Sound Of The Zagato Mostro

That is one car that is worthy of its nickname.

WhenZagato unveiled the Meserati Zagato Mostro the other day, introducing a limitededition, coach-built beauty that it calls "The Monster", we knew thatwe had something good on our hands. Based on the exterior design and legacy ofthe 1957 Maserati 450 S, the retro monster features a full carbon fiber bodyand a rumbling V8. It was originally designed as a race car and adapted to be astreet-legal dream car. With only five units to be built, this beauty will notonly rarely seen, but few will ever get to hear what it sounds like in person.

Luckily, this video has arrived to give us a taste of this audible delight. Check out the ultra-rare Zagato Maserati in action:

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