This is the Most Badass Bus Stop in the World

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When your bus stop gets fortified in concrete, you know it's time to drive to work.

For many people in the world, taking a bus to work is as normal to their existence as driving is to yours. Let's face it, being able drive to work or anywhere for that matter is a luxury, even if you're rocking a complete clunker. But don't start feeling so bad for bus commuters, most if not all major cities do a stand up job of making buses an efficient, clean, and safe way to travel. Israel in particular is taking the safe part of the equation to a whole new level.

Due to the rising tension and outbreaks of violence in the region, officials have begun building concrete barricades around pedestrian bus stops in order to prevent car-related attacks such as hit and runs, stabbings and kidnappings. So far, 20 hitchhiking posts and bus stops have been supplied with the massive barriers and already future plans are being set into motion to replace the slabs of concrete with a longer term solution of smaller poles that will be equally effective at stopping such terrorist attacks and will also be less of a hindrance for both commuters and bus operators.

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