This Is The Most Beautiful Concept Car Of The Year

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Concepts cars are some of the prettiest vehicles in the world, since they're not obligated to abide by any safety regulations. Automakers push the boundaries with concepts and are used for inspiration for the rest of the brand's vehicles. The Bentley EXP10 Speed 6, Porsche Mission E, Peugeot Fractal and Mazda RX-Vision were all in the running to be named the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year, but only one vehicle snagged the award. Care to make any guesses as to which concept won the prestigious award?

The RX-Vision, which made its debut at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, took home the award for the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year at the 31 st Festival Automobile International. The incredible concept featured smooth-flowing lines that were created to pay homage to Mazda's rich heritage of front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports cars. Better yet, the RX-Vision can easily be turned into a production vehicle and should share a lot of the same features as the concept. This is the latest award for Mazda's global design division, which won three awards in September.

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