This Is The Most Concrete Evidence Of A Mid-Engined Corvette Yet

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Please let it be true. Please let it be true.

Rumors surrounding the infamous mid-engined Corvette have been swirling for literally years and years. Now, it appears as though those rumors finally have some substance according to a new report by The Detroit News. Multiple Chevy insiders have allegedly claimed that the company is charging full steam ahead on a plan to release a mid-engined Vette in 2019. One piece of news we haven't known until now is the nickname for the project. According to unnamed insiders, the codename for the mid-engined Corvette is 'Emperor.'


A former GM employee was quoted in the story as saying that "it's happening" in reference to the 'Emperor' project. Even GM's Bob Lutz offered comment on the rumor, saying that the company had been working on a mid-engined Corvette back in 2009. The project was cancelled in short order after Chevy went through bankruptcy proceedings, however. Going for a mid-engined layout would be a huge departure for the Corvette brand and a move that is sure to upset some purists. However, Chevy feels it's the right step in order to achieve two separate and distinct goals. The first is to better compete on the race track with the likes of the Ford GT, new Ferrari 488 and upcoming rear, mid-engined Porsche 911.

The second, and more important reason, is to lower the age of the average Corvette buyer and sell more units. We won't know if either of those goals are met for at least a few years when the C8 Corvette goes on sale in 2019. Expect to see the first official photos of the car sometime in 2018.


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