This Is The Most Dependable Automaker (Again)

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The annual J.D. Power and Associates survey is out for 2015...and there's a nice surprise.

People looking to buy new and used cars, more often than not, want something reliable. Fortunately, automakers today are focusing heavily on top build quality as well as reliability. Not doing so can result in recalls, and as we all know, those are never good for any automaker's reputation. But which auto brand is the most dependable? Which one is least likely to build cars that are problematic? Fortunately J.D. Power and Associates has the answer.

For the fourth consecutive year, Lexus has come out on top of the annual Vehicle Dependability Study. The study examines areas such as general overall satisfaction and mechanical issues. Infotainment systems and Bluetooth are especially popular now. Customers are often attracted to them because they're new and interesting. However, when those systems don't work as intended, buyers are then turned off by the manufacturer as a whole. The fact that Lexus has earned the highest score is not surprising, but what is, and in a good way, is that Buick also managed to make the J.D. Powers' Top 10 list. At the other end of the spectrum, Chrysler scored below average, and its Fiat brand came in dead last. But hey, way to go Buick!

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