This Is The Most Epic Challenger Hellcat Burnout You'll Ever See


Those poor, poor tires.

Let's be honest, with its 275-section factory rear tires and 707-hp to play with, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was designed to do one thing: perform tire-torturing burnouts while making as much ear-shattering noise as possible. There's a reason one of the promotional shots of the latest SRT Challenger, the Demon, shows the muscle car choking on copious amounts of tire smoke. The Hellcat featured in this video posted by The Racing Channel doing what it does best is no ordinary model, however.

Courtesy of TR3 Performance, the 6.2-liter HEMI engine powering this beast no longer has 707-hp – it's sending over 1,000 ponies to the rear wheels. The result, as you can see from this video, is rather spectacular. After warming up the tires and revving its supercharged HEMI, the driver unleashes sheer hell, painting the tarmac with a trail of tire marks.

As noted by The Racing Channel, the modified Hellcat delivers 1,000-wheel horsepower, so its actual crank horsepower output will be even higher. "Our friends at TR3 performance called us to film a quick burnout in their 1000whp Hellcat Challenger, needless to say they went a bit overboard!" The Racing Channel wrote. "This very well might be the most epic Hellcat burnout of all time." While you can probably find even more impressive burnouts if you scour through videos on YouTube, it's hard to argue with that statement when it comes to seeing a Hellcat burn some serious rubber. Something tells us those tires are going to need replacing after that strenuous workout.

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