This is the Most Expensive BMW Exterior Paint Offered

It's actually 40 times more expensive than the baseline coat.

How much would you be willing to pay for a unique BMW exterior paint job? For some buyers, money isn’t really so much an issue. So that means they’ll have absolutely no problem checking the box for "Pure Metal Silver," an exterior color that BMW claims costs 40 times more than a baseline coat. And we have to admit, this color looks pretty damn beautiful. It consists of a multi-step application process with plenty of individual attention required. The color is also fairly new option, having premiered on the facelifted BMW M5 not long ago.

BMW didn’t provide an exact price figure for the paint, which features a "chrome-like finish and extraordinary brilliance." Still, imagine how an owner would feel if someone dented their "Pure Silver Metal" Bimmer. It’d totally suck.

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