This Is The Most Expensive Ford Sierra Cosworth In The World

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Someone spent a crazy amount of money on this Sierra Cossie.

Ford has a long history of making performance variants of its family cars. Right now, the Focus RS and Fiesta ST are highly desirable hot hatches, but back in the 1980s Ford collaborated with the legendary performance engine manufacturer Cosworth to spice up the Sierra for homologation purposes so that it could be entered into European Group A. The result was the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, and one was recently sold at the Silverstone Classic auction for an eye-watering price that set a new UK record.

This isn't a standard Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, either. It's the more potent track-focused RS500 model that was limited to only 500 examples. This particular example has only clocked up 10,733 miles since it rolled off the production line in 1987 - which may explain why it was sold for the staggering sum of £114,750 (around $150,000), far surpassing Silverstone Auctions' original high estimate of £14,750 (around $20,000). The RS500 was uprated to make it more suitable for the track, packing a 2.0-liter Cosworth engine that pumped out 224-hp and 204 lb-ft of torque, and can be distinguished by its rear "whale tail."

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0-62 mph takes 6.2-seconds before it tops out at 153 mph, which was impressive for the time. Chassis number 387 out of 500 enjoyed a quiet life since it rolled off the production line in 1987. It was initially sold to a local businessman who kept it for 13 months before handing it over to one of the wealthiest men in the world who barely used it for 29 years. After his family occasionally drove it for the first three years of ownership, the RS200 spent the next 26 years of its life unloved and locked in a garage where it was left untouched. However, earlier this year, the fast Ford was restored back to its former glory by Cosworth specialist John Taylor.

Taylor gave the engine a thorough service, and replaced the brakes, battery and fuel tank. Other than that, the car is the same as it was when it left the factory, and even still wears its original Dunlop D40 tires.

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