This Is The Most Extreme Fiat 500 We've Ever Seen

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And it isn't made by Abarth.

Abarth has been producing potent Fiat 500s for years, but one tuner has given the Italian hatchback a rather extreme makeover and performance upgrade. Dubbed the Giannini 350 GP4, this Fiat 500 has been transformed from a cute little city car into a mini supercar. An evolution of the 350 GP unveiled at this year's Turin Motor Show, at its heart is a 350-hp engine which has been moved from behind the front seat to underneath the front hood like the regular 500 so there's room for rear passengers.

Presumably, it's powered by the same Alfa Romeo 4C-sourced turbocharged four-cylinder unit as the 350 GP, but Giannini hasn't confirmed. As the name suggests, another crucial difference between the 350 GP and 350 GP4 is that the latter has an all-wheel drive system, as the 1980s-inspired red graphics on the side of the car will remind you. Combine that with a set of wide wheels and tires and the 500's light weight, and this hot hatch should be capable of some serious speed off the line. Aesthetically, the Giannini 350 GP4 looks like a Fiat 500 on steroids, featuring custom front and rear fascias, flared wheel arches and carbon fiber aerodynamic elements including a front splitter and side mirror caps.

Plexiglas windows have also been fitted to reduce weight along with a huge rear diffuser with red vertical fins that match the two exhaust tips. As for pricing, Giannini hasn't revealed how much the 350 GP4 costs, but the rear-wheel drive 350 GP retails for around $175,000 so it won't be cheap. Full details will be revealed after the tuner has finished testing this little monster.

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