This Is The Most Ferocious Off-Road Monster Ever

Say hello to the Mad Max “Peacemaker.”

This ravenous custom light tank devours all kinds of terrain for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They call it the "Peacemaker," and it was custom designed and built by Jeff and Mike Howe for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road film. The design of the Peacemaker is based on a previous off-road vehicle designed by the Howe brothers called "The Ripsaw." However, for all intents and purposes the Peacemaker is a Ripsaw on steroids.

This little beast is powered by a 1000-hp blown 502 big block and is capable of hitting up to 70 mph on all sorts of terrain. In other words, it's insanely fast for a vehicle that runs on tracks. The Peacemaker will be featured in a starring role in the upcoming Mad Max film that debuts this Friday. Check out a preview of its capability in the video now.

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