This Is The Most Hardcore Challenger Ever: The 2016 Drag Pak Is Here


Dodge's latest track monster can finally be yours.

Until now, the 2016 Challenger Hellcat was the fastest and most speed-oriented muscle car from Dodge. The Hellcat is still completely badass, but a new trim has just taken the crown for most extreme in the lineup. We got wind of the Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak earlier this month, but the production model was just officially released along with additional specifications. Only 60 will be produced: 35 with the supercharged engine from Mopar and 25 with the naturally aspirated 426. This beast is sure to tear up any drag strip.

Pricing begins at a whopping $99,426 making this the most expensive Challenger ever from Dodge. Notice the MSRP ends in a 426, a clever joke from Dodge and deliberate attempt to keep pricing under $100,000. Mopar Motorsports marketing manager Dale Aldo dropped info on its quarter-mile times. "In the first runs the new Drag Pak ran consistently in the eights (eight-second range)."

With this kind of performance, we would not be surprised if the Drag Pak keeps up with the the COPO Camaro and Mustang Cobra Jet. On the inside seat belts are replaced with a five-point harness and the roof is supported by a full roll cage. Additionally, the Drag Pak has 15 inch wheels wrapped in massive drag tires.


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