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This Is The Most Immaculate Ferrari Collection We've Ever Seen

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The Ming Collection of late-model Ferraris is heading for auction in Monterey.

Have you come across a chunk of change recently, and want to start your own collection of modern Ferraris? You could shop around piecemeal, or you could head to the RM Sotheby's auction this summer in Monterey and bid on this collection that's coming up for grabs.

Called the Ming Collection, the assembly of scarlet supercars includes seven low-mileage Prancing Horses, each described as being in "nearly better than new" condition. Not the least of them is a rare FXX, one of only 30 made, still "in the wrapper," and accompanied by a full array of spares and equipment.

The white-striped, Rosso Scuderia track car is the first to come to market in years, and is estimated to sell for a good $3 million (give or take the price of a new Portofino).

Almost as tempting is a matching-numbers F40, fully Classiche certified and with only 1,705 miles on the clock. It's had only two owners in its entire 28-year lifetime, and is valued at $1.5-1.8 million. But if those are too rich for your blood, there's a handful of (relatively) more accessible models on offer as well, starting with a 512 BBi from 1984, valued at $350-425k.

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They're joined as well by a succession of eight-cylinder roadsters, from an '85 308 GTSi ($100-150k), through a '97 355 Spider ($125-150k) and 2007 F430 Spider ($200-250k), to a 2013 458 Spider with Novitec suspension and Akrapovic exhaust ($225-275k).

"The quality and originality of the Ming Collection is absolutely incredible," says RM Sotheby's global auction head Gord Duff. "You'd be hard-pressed to find any of these models in better condition. Ferrari FXX models rarely come up for auction, and it is an especially rare opportunity to find one that has never been raced yet has been so well cared for."