This Is The Most Realistic Racing Simulator In The World

It bloody better be for $185,000.

Offering insane gift ideas since 1848, Hammacher Schlemmer recently revealed a racing simulator it claims offers the most realistic experience available. And at $185,000 it bloody better do. The simulator can supposedly recreate entering a turn at 200 mph, using a monocoque fiberglass chassis that can roll, pitch and rotate 360 degrees at up to 0.5G acceleration. Combined with linear servo actuators, the chassis dips when breaking at hairpins and pushes forward when accelerating.

It comes with two paddle gear shifters, steering wheel, accelerator, brake and clutch borrowed from real race cars, while the real racing seat can hold a 300-pound man. Select from 12 race cars and 16 courses (including the Nurburgring), replicated on a 108-inch wide, triple HD monitor display with 500-watt audio system. Or you could just buy a 911 GT3.

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