Two Hyundai Ioniq Pickup Trucks Are In The Works

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The Ioniq T10 could arrive as soon as this year, but the 7 may be more of a mystery.

The upcoming Hyundai electric pickup finally has a name. Or at least it seems that way, based on a recent trademark filing discovered by Drive.

The Australian government's trademark search uncovered a trademark application for the model name Ioniq T10. The name falls under Class 12, which is reserved for, among other things, automobiles, passenger cars, trucks, electric cars, and hybrid cars.

While the trademark doesn't provide additional details, the name gives us plenty to work with. The fact that it falls under the Ioniq model line suggests the vehicle would be battery-powered. The '10' may indicate that it will be positioned as the largest product in the Ioniq range. Just how big it will be remains to be seen since something like the Ioniq 7 is expected to mirror the Kia EV9 in terms of size.


Adding the letter 'T' is very unusual, as none of the other Ioniq models, including the Ioniq 5 or Ioniq 6, have letters in their model names. The natural assumption is that T stands for 'truck,' which suggests a different sort of Ioniq 10 will be offered, too. Perhaps this will be a more rugged SUV called the Ioniq S10.

While Hyundai has not expressly said it is developing a pickup truck, senior officials have suggested that an electrified pickup will arrive sometime this year. However, Hyundai Australia's COO John Kett has previously said a fully electric truck may not be feasible, so it could arrive as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

The T10 may be positioned to take on larger trucks, like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado.

Australian Trademark Search Australian Trademark Search

Why do we say this? Another trademark for the Ioniq T7 was also discovered, which suggests Hyundai is working on a Ranger/Tacoma rival. However, this could be a truck based on the Ioniq 7 SUV, and that would make more sense as a Rivian R1T competitor. There's also a possibility that the Ioniq T7 could be an electrified replacement for the Santa Cruz, a compact unibody truck that rivals the Ford Maverick.

It's worth noting that Kia is also working on its truck, called the Tasman. Prototypes of the Kia have already been spotted testing in Korea, suggesting a reveal will occur later this year. This variant will be made available with conventional gas- and diesel-powered engines, but we expect electrified and fully electric versions to be made available in due course.

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