This Is The New BMW 2 Series Before You're Supposed To See It

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The styling is controversial but neat.

Back in April of last year, we got our first look at the new BMW 2 Series, the leaked images confirming that it would not be getting the big grilles of its bigger brethren. Despite us knowing what it would look like, some decided to render the vehicle for a clearer look. Now, a leak from The Automobilist, which appears to be either a press photo or a screenshot from an upcoming promotional video, has revealed the front end of the car, confirming what those renders did. The new 2 Series will have a decently sized pair of kidney grilles, but other details may be disappointing.

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Front View Driving BMW

Let's start with the good. First of all, it appears that the new 2 Series will be offered in Twilight Purple, but the quality of the image isn't too great, so we're not sure exactly which shade this is. Next, the hood has a very M-like power bulge and some muscular fenders. The silver-capped M-style mirrors and the M badge on the front fender indicate that we're looking at the M240i too. Those aforementioned kidney grilles also appear to be concave for the first time, but this could be an optical illusion. Sadly, some of this car's features are not an illusion.

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Rear View Driving BMW
Front View BMW

The signature dual-ring "angel eye" LED running light signature is certainly not reappearing, and the triangular side grilles are going to take some getting used to. The lower central grille also appears a little out of proportion in relation to the kidney grilles, but this is likely intentional in order to leave room for a bigger mouth on the M2. Overall, the proportions look good and the car will be offered in exciting colors, but once again, BMW is disappointing long-time fans of the brand by giving up on some of its traditional styling cues. Despite this, it'll surely be a sales success. We'll learn more about it when it debuts on July 8 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Side View Driving BMW
Rear View BMW

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