This Is The New Buick Regal (Just Ignore The Weird Badge)


Behold the 2018 Buick Regal.

British manufacturer Vauxhall has been making waves with its new Insignia Grand Sport. In other territories, it’s known as the Opel Insignia and the Holden Commodore. In America, however, General Motors will be branding it as the next-generation Buick Regal. Its transition over to the states will go virtually unchanged, retaining the sleek new design of the Insignia which is punctuated with LED lights and a shape inspired by the Opel Monza.

“Its design combines flowing lines and subtle surfaces with crisp, precise lines to exaggerate its dramatic proportions: it looks longer, lower and wider than it actually is, and it definitely looks upscale,” said Opel’s Mark Adams. “Every design feature conveys technical know-how and the utmost precision. The new Insignia Grand Sport is an excellent value proposition with the aura of a car from the premium, upper class.” Despite being the same size as the previous model, it’s 175 kg lighter which will have obvious benefits to the handling and fuel economy. The Insignia will also have an intelligent AWD system featuring two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches.

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This will allow for torque vectoring at the rear axle - technology that's similar to the Ford Focus RS. Top of the range models will include a 247-hp 2.0-litre turbo gasoline engine and a new eight-speed automatic gearbox will be available offering ‘class-leading’ shift quality. Elsewhere, the new FlexRide chassis offers three driving modes: Standard, Sport and Tour. It’s the new Drive Mode Control option which grabs our attention though, which continuously adapts the car to your driving style using information provided by sensors and settings. As for the interior, there are plenty of luxuries including Lane Keep Assist, a head-up display, unique AGR-certified premium seats, front and rear-seat heating and a heated windshield.

Opel will be revealing the Insignia Grand Sport at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. It will go on sale in 2018. Our only worry? The Insignia Grand Sport shares its name with the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. That’s setting very high expectations indeed.