This Is The New Ford Focus Before You're Supposed To See It

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We weren't supposed to see the 2019 Ford Focus until April, but it was caught posing for a photoshoot.

As we know, the new China-built Ford Focus won't be debuting at next month's Geneva Motor Show. Instead, it will be revealed at a separate event in April where it should get more spotlight than it would at a crowded event like Geneva. But thanks to some leaked images posted by Vezess, the next-generation 2019 Focus has broken cover several months earlier than expected. And it isn't even wearing a single piece of camouflage to disguise it, either.

The fetching hatchback was captured by an eagle-eyed reader of the publication during an official photoshoot in Portugal. It appears to be a blue ST Line model, judging from the front fender badge, two-tone alloy wheels, and aggressive roof spoiler. Ford has said the new Focus and its future variants will adopt a more unique look compared to the current model, and the car shown in the leaked photos certainly live up to that claim. You could even argue it looks similar to some of its Korean hatchback rivals like the Veloster. Another Focus was also posing for its close-up during the photoshoot, but unlike the other car it was covered up.

We can still see its alloy wheels and chrome trim running along the doors, so this is likely to be the plush Vignale model that will only be sold in Europe. While Ford is adamant that the Fiesta ST won't be sold in America, the new Focus will be sold worldwide as always. Europe will get wagon and hatchback variants, while the US model will be sold as either a sedan or hatchback. Production will begin in 2019, with North American models being built in China instead of Michigan.

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