This Is The New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe: It's Bigger And Better

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Performance comes easy for Mercedes, so it went with comfort this time.

A teaser for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe just hit the web promising a reveal on December 14th. Well, it's past 12 A.M. on December 14th in Stuttgart, and Mercedes has made good on its promise. This is it, the long-awaited final member (in terms of body style) of the new E-Class family. The most notable thing about the new E-Class Coupe is its size. Mercedes thought the E-Class Coupe should be bigger, so it grew the car one millimeter at a time. The new Mercedes-Benz Coupe is larger than its predecessor from every angle.


Length, width, height, wheelbase, and front and rear track width have all grown by 4.8 inches, 2.9 inches, 1.25 inches, 4.4 inches, 2.63 inches, and 2.77 inches, respectively. These gains translate over to the interior, allowing Mercedes to claim the E-Class Coupe as a two-door vehicle with four seats that can all comfortably fit adults. At launch there will be four engines to chose from: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel pushing 194 horsepower, two 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engines making 184 and 245 horsepower, and one 3.0-liter V6 cranking out 333 horsepower. To give the new coupe a sportier stance, Mercedes lowered the suspension by half an inch, although the comfort-tuned suspension means there won't be a harsher ride due to the loss of travel.

Mercedes' Air Body Control multi-chamber air suspension will make sure of that, taking into account the selected settings as well as steering and throttle inputs and supplying a sporty but soft ride. This sort of individualism is also seen in the E-Class Coupe's options, which include a line of AMG parts complete with new bumpers up front and on the rear, new side skirts, and flashier wheels, which contrast with the optional AVANTGARDE package's more mature look. The technology is strong with this one because in addition to the E-Class' semi-autonomous driving capabilities it also gets DRIVEPILOT, which gives the car the ability to engage its radar-based cruise control to follow the car ahead at speeds as high as 130 mph.

Lazy owners can also now move the car in and out of tight garages and parking spaces using their smartphone thanks to Mercedes' Remote Parking Pilot. Other godlike capabilities afforded by the E-Class Coupe's silicon include the ability to avoid traffic thanks to its Live Traffic Information App as well as change settings on its screen-based gauge cluster and multimedia system using finger swipes on the steering wheel. With Mercedes aiming to topple the Bentley Continental with its S-Class Coupe, the E-Class Coupe is an important car for its customer base. It's meant for people who want a grand tourer without having to spend a whole heck of a lot of cash.

It's not a surprise that Mercedes outfitted the E-Class Coupe with all the technology it could fit, including members of its new family of engines. Thankfully we can also expect power-hungry AMG to get its hands on the coupe once it goes on sale in the summer of 2017.

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