This Is The New RX-7 Mazda Won't Build

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Perhaps these renderings will change their mind.

Mazda continues to indicate something will soon happen regarding a reincarnation of its famous rotary engine. However, it will unlikely serve as a vehicle's primary power source. Instead, it'll be a backup generator for electric motors. It's an interesting concept we really hope to see happen. But which vehicles will it be utilized for? A crossover? The Mazda CX-5, for example, was the brand's best-seller last year in the US. But the Japanese automaker may prefer something a bit more experimental, such as a new variant of the recently revealed Mazda MX-30 all-electric crossover.

A rotary motor power generator would surely provide the additional range that vehicle needs. But what about a reborn RX sports car? You know, the very vehicles that had rotary combustion engines? Mazda previewed such a possibility with its 2015 RX-Vision concept and still, there's no production version.

This didn't stop graphic designer Enoch Gabriel Gonzales from creating an extremely lifelike reborn Mazda RX-7. You'll have to look twice to notice these renderings aren't real. They're that good.

Borrowing styling cues from previous RX-7s and the RX-Vision, the artist said: "It's been more than a decade since the Mazda RX-7 saw the light of the day. This concept envisions what a new RX-7 would look like, just in case Mazda decides to bring it back. The design features the Japanese automaker's signature 'Kodo' design language. Many elements were taken from the RX-Vision Concept showcased in 2015, but some were also derived from the second-generation coupe from the 90s. These include the almost oval-shaped greenhouse, rear window that curves around the edges of the B-pillar, horizontal light that connects the tail lamps. The grille and headlights were also placed much lower than current Mazdas, with the emblem placed above the grille, to make it more reminiscent of the original RX-7. I also included an original detail which I call the 'eye-socket.' This features sculptured details above the headlights that mimic a pair of closed pop-up headlights, which became a trend in the 80s."

There's no question his creation is beautiful and one of the best renderings of a hopeful production-spec RX we've seen. The big question is whether Mazda will build it, or something similar. We'll keep our fingers crossed but given the surge in demand for crossovers, the chances are sadly not so great.

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