This Is The Next Cadillac That Will Be Taken Out Of Its Misery

Doubtful many will be sad to see it go.

After years of suffering (literally for a few decades) and a few more years of trying to figure things out, Cadillac is now a true competitor to anything coming out of Germany. But there are still a couple of models in its existing portfolio that really don’t quite belong. Just the other day we reported that the slow-selling ELR will not be replaced when it completes its lifecycle in a couple of years. And now we can confirm the second Caddie that will only stick around for a few more years: the front-wheel-drive XTS.

In reality, the XTS’s life was meant to be fairly short from the get-go because it was, more or less, a placeholder until a RWD flagship sedan arrived. Well, that happened last week at New York with the all-new CT6. The XTS will be quietly phased out entirely by 2019. In the meantime, Car and Driver has also confirmed that the next generation ATS and CTS will receive name changes according to the new nomenclature started by the CT6. Expect to see a future CT3, CT4, and CT5. A sub-ATS RWD entry-level sedan is also expected. The Escalade, as we’ve already reported, will keep its name.

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