This Is The Obscenely Expensive Way We'd Spec Out The New Porsche Panamera

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Dipping into McLaren territory in a four door has its benefits.

Assuming I had just won the new lottery and was so taken aback by the new Porsche Panamera that I had to have one, I began to spec out my dream sedan. Given that the Panamera offers the best of two worlds, executive luxury and record breaking speed, I felt the need to go all out on both the performance options and luxury picks. After all, if you've made it in life, why not indulge? The Panamera Turbo painted in the eye-popping Sapphire Blue Metallic was the natural choice.

Aside from the 550 horsepower bi-turbo V8, who wouldn't want a rear wing that deploys like a James Bond gadget? Only a contrasting black with chalk white leather would do inside since it went well with the blue exterior. I also demanded all of the performance upgrades including the $5,580 Sport package, which includes the Sport Chrono feature that knocks 0.2-seconds off of the 0-60 mph time, rear axle steering, and a sport exhaust. Aside from that it was the $8,960 carbon ceramic brakes that had to be added since I fully intend to lap this beast around the track. On the outside, the rims were upgraded to 21" units and the "Turbo" designation was deleted. Given that balling out means showing off for friends, I went all out inside.

All four seats inside offer massages as well heating and cooling options. Passengers can use the 4-zone climate control system, charge their phones using the rear USB ports, raise and lower the rear and side window shades, and move the 8-way adjustable rear seats. To treat myself, I included a heated steering wheel, thermally and noise insulated glass, adaptive cruise control, parking assistants with a 3D view camera, and a Burmester surround sound system. True to Porsche's infamous options prices, my example carried a $41,215 premium over the Turbo's $146,000 base price. The total came out to $189,165, or something in the neighborhood of a McLaren 570S. However, given the combination of speed and luxury, this Porsche is a bargain.

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