This is the Only De Tomaso Mangusta With a Chevy Engine

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All because Bill Mitchell couldn't allow for a Ford V8.

Built from 1967 until 1971, the De Tomaso Mangusta was the direct predecessor to the more popular and longer lasting Pantera. Just 401 Mangustas were built in its short lifespan and only about half are still in existence. Although made in Italy, power came from Ford V8s; a 289 unit for Europe and a 302 for the US. However, there was one Mangusta that had a Chevrolet V8. It was built specifically for then GM design chief Bill Mitchell. Obviously the man couldn't allow a Ford V8 to power his car.

Fortunately, that Mangusta is still around today. Its current owner also just so happens to be a retired GM designer. So what is this one-of-a-kind Mangusta like? How much difference is there between it and its Ford-powered counterparts? The video ahead explains all.

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