This Is The Only Matte Black McLaren P1 MSO In The World

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This one-of-a-kind McLaren P1 will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

With only 375 examples in the world, all of which have been sold, the McLaren P1 is a considerably rare hybrid hypercar. This one-off example, however, is even rarer. Listed for sale at a dealership in Germany is a this exquisite P1 that received special treatment from McLaren Special Operations, resulting in a truly unique P1 that's unlike any other in the world. Built in 2014, the owner had the majority of the hybrid hypercar's exterior painted in matte black complemented with gloss black and carbon-fiber body panels to create an eye-catching finish.

After leaving the factory, the P1 was lavished with stylish red pinstripes that match the hypercar's red brake calipers to make it look even more distinctive and stand out from the crowd. The red accents also complement the custom P1's interior, which is a mixture of red and black leather upholstery mixed with lashings of carbon fiber. Since being delivered to its owner as a 2014 model, the matte black McLaren P1 MSO has only clocked up 609 miles and has a price tag of 2.17 million euros ($2.55 million). That's a substantial increase in value considering that prices for the P1 originally started at around $1.3 million, but then there isn't any other P1 like this in the world.

The P1 Ultimate Series, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, is currently McLaren's fastest road car, with a combined power output of 903 hp and a blistering 0-62 mph time of 2.8 seconds. At the time, its aerodynamic technology and lightweight carbon fiber structure was revolutionary. Currently, McLaren is preparing the P1's successor codenamed the BP23 Hyper-GT, which is proclaimed to become the fastest McLaren production car yet.

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