This Is The Only McLaren F1 Service Center In America


There are around 20 McLaren F1s in North America that require annual maintenance.

There are currently more than 20 McLaren F1s in North America today, but up until now there was no dedicated service centers for them. Fortunately that’s about to change because McLaren has announced the opening of its North American F1 Service Center in Pennsylvania. McLaren says the new facility will offer all maintenance and services for F1s, and is just one of two authorized facilities outside of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) in Woking, UK.

McLaren Philadelphia has been charged with operating the center, but it is not located in the city but rather at a remote site in order to ensure owner privacy. Most importantly, this center exactly replicates all of the services offered in Woking, with all technicians having been trained by MSO in-house. Essentially, American McLaren F1 owners will no longer have to ship their cars to the UK for service. And speaking of servicing, the F1 is not exactly your typical car. The annual service alone involves a meticulous level of inspection, including fluids, filter and wiper blade replacements and a full suspension inspection. It doesn’t end there.

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The annual service also requires a “vehicle shakedown” on a closed test track or runway to compete high speed runs and assess the vehicle overall. Every second annual visit requires an even higher level of inspection that includes a brake service and flush, a more in-depth vehicle alignment, and air-conditioning service. Oh, and every five years the fuel tanks needs replacing, a process that requires removing the powertrain. At a later date, McLaren plans to open a second F1 Service Center on the West Coast.