This Is The Only Speed To Be Caught At In A Delorean


It's pretty much a guarantee that anyone who ever gets to drive a Delorean will attempt to get it up to movie speed.

Since 1985 just about every kid out there who's into cars (and even those who aren't) has fantasized about owning a futuristic Delorean DMC-12 purely because Marty McFly used one to rewrite the history books and give himself a better life. As you should know by now (and if you haven't then best you get to watching a few movies) the Delorean needed to get up to a certain speed before it would travel around time, and the magic number for this was 88 mph.

In the real world, the Delorean wasn't as successful as John Delorean hoped. In fact the only success the car had was to star in a few movies. It was way ahead of it's time, and no one was ready for it. The Guardian found another that's become famous, for nearly the same reason. It was caught speeding at 89 mph. That's pretty close to the movie speed, but owner Nigel Mills denied that he wanted to get it up to that speed to mess around with his family's timeline. He was quite unlucky to be caught too, because he rarely takes the car out for a drive. 11a m on a Sunday on a clear road is the worst time to get nailed. Luckily the case was chucked - incompetent cops FTW!

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The Delorian's odometer only reads up to 85 mph, so even while it was a Sunday drive, Essex-based Nigel still had to have the car off the clocks to be bust at 89 mph. We can't blame him though, it's guaranteed that we'd try get to 88 mph on every straight road possible while screaming quotes from the movies.

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