This Is The Only Way A Bicycle Can Kick The McLaren 675LT's Ass

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And it's not in a straight line.

Even the fastest supercars usually find themselves getting smoked by two-wheeled vehicles in races. However, those vehicles are usually motorcycles, not bicycles. Bicycles are destined to lose just about any race against any car. But what if the cyclist was racing in a crowded city, say New York City? Now it sounds like there's a chance. But what if the car is a McLaren 675LT? Hmm, now the odds don't seem so good. Traffic is destined to doom the McLaren but it could still run circles around any bicycle through a straight line.

Luckily for us, Mashable decided to pit a McLaren 675LT against a bicycle in a race through New York City. We won't spoil the video, but let's just say the winner smokes the loser by so much that he has time to stop off for waffles mid-race!

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