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This is the Outcome of a Rich Guy Who Has No Clue How to Race

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Having money doesn't mean having skill.

Motorsport is not something you just go out and do successfully. It takes time and patience in order to learn how a race car feels and handles. And playing videos such as Gran Turismo doesn't count as experience. But Vadim Kogay, a rich Russian businessman, thought he was above it all and could race without a hitch. Instead of starting at a lower level, he went out and bought himself a Ferrari 458 GT3. Yes, GT3 racing. He then enters a race at Monza.

The video you're about to see shows the hilarious outcome. Kogay has absolutely no clue what the hell he is doing. The best parts, in addition to watching him go off the track multiple times, is when the race announcers ask out loud "What is he doing?" Tons of cash, bankrupt in skill:

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