This Is The Pagani Convertible Of Our Dreams

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Few cars would draw more attention than this one.

Pagani has just taken the covers off the all-new 838-horsepower Huayra R. Limited to just 30 examples and at a price tag of over $3 million each, it's a phenomenal track weapon. Immediately, we wondered if a Pagani Huayra R Roadster was possible; perhaps something that could compete with the Lamborghini Sian Roadster for the title of wildest drop-top on earth. After all, the Huayra Roadster BC served as proof that even without a roof, Pagani could still deliver a lightweight roofless hypercar with few compromises.

We asked Pagani if a Huayra R Roadster was in the pipeline, but sadly, this isn't part of the company's plan. That didn't stop us from imagining what a Huayra R Roadster could look like.

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Before we unpack the design, why has Pagani decided against a Huayra R Roadster? In reference to the new Huayra R, the response we got was: "As it is a track-focused car, there will be no roadster version."

That's pretty clearcut and evidence of what a deadly serious hypercar the Huayra R is. Our render of a drop-top version of this V12 monster shows us what we're missing out on, though. While we wouldn't want to think about a packaging solution for a roof when it's lowered, a topless Huayra R is a striking beast. The ultra-low ride height and numerous air intakes of the standard version are retained, but the driver-focused cabin is on full display.

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The raised sections behind each seat are not entirely dissimilar to the 'double bubble' roof cover of the Porsche 911 Speedster. Along the side, the prominent 'Huayra R' script has had 'Roadster' added to it lower down, while the enormous rear wing remains.

The Huayra R's composite monocoque chassis is incredibly stiff, so in theory, a drop-top version wouldn't be too dynamically compromised. Any extra componentry for the convertible shouldn't be too much of an issue weight-wise, since the Huayra R has an astoundingly low curb weight of just 2,315 pounds. We'll never see a Huayra R Roadster, but who says we can't dream of one?

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