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This Is The Pickup Truck Tesla Needs To Build

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Forget the other renderings. This one is the best.

Last week, Tesla revealed its Model Y crossover and with it the so-called "S3XY" lineup was complete. But there's still another major reveal from the California-based EV automaker that its CEO, Elon Musk, has said he's very excited for. The so far unnamed Tesla pickup truck could debut sometime this year. When will it go on sale and, more importantly, be on owners' driveways?

Given Tesla's history with the Model 3 rollout, we don't recommend that anyone holds their breath. But the Tesla pickup truck will arrive and InsideEVs was originally sent these killer renderings. Without question, they are the best-rendered images of the EV pickup we've seen so far. The reason? Well, just look at them.

This is a serious-looking pickup with a very manly design. You wouldn't be alone if it kind of reminds you of a Ram 1500. This bold EV pickup also features something no other internal combustion-engined pickup is capable of having: a fold-down front liftgate. Like all other Teslas, the upcoming pickup truck is widely expected to retain a frunk. With Tesla being Tesla, it never misses an opportunity to be innovative. So why not give that frunk a front liftgate similar to what's found out back in all pickups? That's exactly what this rendering artist did.

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And there's the massive Tesla lettering up front. Yes, it's also very reminiscent of Ram and what Ford does on the F-150 Raptor but, hey, it looks good here too. Musk also just released a new teaser image, via Twitter, of the truck, so we know it's coming fairly soon. At the very least, its design has been finalized.

The age of the all-electric pickup truck is about to kick off and Tesla is not even the first to strike. That honor goes to the Rivian R1T and Bollinger B2, both of which are heading to production soon. Not to be outdone, the likes of Chevrolet and Ford also said EV pickups are in the works.