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This Is The Porsche 911 That Could Body Slam Ferrari


Should Porsche build a 911 GT1?

Those well-versed in the Porsche story know that the most hardcore and track-ready 911s come in just a couple of flavors, the GT3, GT3 RS, and the utterly extreme GT2 RS. Anything more intense is not road legal and is intended only for the professional racing circuit. That includes the extremely rare 911 GT1 from 1996, which only saw a few copies actually developed for the road for homologation purposes.

And since the 911 GT1 held a captive audience among Porsche fans, various renewing artists have tried their hand at drawing one up to see what it would look like today. We’ve already seen one artist try to mix the mid-engined GT1’s body with styling elements from the 992-generation 911, which resulted in a sleek but slightly awkward supercar.

This time around, we see a similar recipe take a different turn thanks to the creative abilities of artist emrEHusmen via Instagram. Rather than paste elements of the rear-engine 992 onto the 911 GT1’s body, emrEHusmen has instead taken the 992 911 and reimagined it with GT1 styling elements.

Those GT1 parts have also been modernized to make this 992 911 GT1 look like something Porsche could plausibly build today. Styling highlights include a roof scoop, twin round exhaust pipes placed above a rear diffuser, a retro rear wing that seems to blend with a unique body kit, which is wider than the standard 911’s and frames the rear end using a green accent line on the bottom.

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That being said, this 911 GT1 does boast some serious differences when compared to the original GT1 of the 90s. It has no side mirrors, for one, but also sees vents placed over the rear window (presumably where the engine is) instead of over the rear side windows, and features a fuel cap on the hood.

Based on all of the modifications, this 911 looks a lot more like the current 911 RSR than the older GT1, but the RSR looks a lot more like a professional race car at the expense of smoother lines. What emrEHusmen is showing Porsche is that it’s possible to build a 911 for the race track but make it look sleek enough for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.