This Is The Rarest Aston Martin You Can Buy Right Now

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Turns out the rarest Aston Martin is a Vanquish Volante based on a powerboat.

At first glance, this seductive Aston Martin appears to be an ordinary Vanquish Volante. You might be surprised to learn, then, that it's one of the rarest Aston Martins you can buy right now – rarer, even, than the F1-inspired Valkyrie. That's because this Vanquish Volante is truly one of a kind, unlike the Valkyrie where 150 examples will be produced. Called the Vanquish Volante AM37, this special supercar is a one-off limited edition commissioned by Aston Martin's Q bespoke department.

And in case you were wondering where the name is derived from, it was built to celebrate the launch of the AM37 powerboat in partnership with Quintessence Yachts. As such, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante AM37 is loaded with bespoke features to commemorate the powerboat. The exterior is finished in an exclusive Concours Blue, which is complimented with a Chestnut Tan and White Essence leather interior. If that didn't already sound swanky, the interior is also fitted with Conker Saddle carpets and overmats, while the front fascia is finished in Rosewood High Gloss, and the fender and buckle badges are finished with a white enamel infill to match the tailored luggage set.

Under the hood lies the same sublime 5.9-liter V12 as the standard Vanquish Volante producing 568 horsepower, allowing the bespoke grand tourer to sprint from 0-62 mph in just 4.1 seconds before reaching a top speed of 183 mph. Aston Martin Reading is currently listing the Vanquish Volante AM37 for sale, where it can be yours for 236,950 GBP ($294,803). That's around $36,000 more than the standard Vanquish Volante, but it's a small premium for the privilege of owning a one-off Aston Martin inspired by a powerboat. You can't put a price on bragging rights. Plus, it's considerably cheaper than the actual AM37 boat which costs around $1.2 million. Your choice.

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