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This is the Rat Rod That Will Eat Babies

Rat rods are perhaps one of the coolest types of cars out there, and this particular one is unlike any other.

What you’re about to see is a combination of a classic piece of Americana and outright lunacy. Although it started out as a 1931 Ford, today’s it’s become something else entirely. And only an American born and bred car lover could build something like this. Power comes from a 1952 Diamond-Reo tractor that spits out 1,640 lb-ft of torque, and the custom chassis is actually made from pieces of old light poles from around Hollywood. You can’t make something like this thing up.

Its owner and builder calls it Gretchen, and it’s a vicious thing. Host Mike Musto doesn’t even know quite what to make of it, other than it’s awesome and annoys the crap out of Prius owners by blowing out lots of black smoke.

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