This Is The Reason Alfa Romeo Delayed The Ferrari-Powered Giulia

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Previous speculations about reengineering the car due to safety were wrong.

Buyers like a pretty face on their cars, but they aren't willing to sacrifice reliability and safety to get it. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a car with a pretty face, but it's been having issues coming together properly, so Alfa Romeo has been playing the waiting game to buy it's engineers more time to make the car roadworthy. Initially, it seemed that the Giulia was being delayed because it couldn't meet safety regulations for front, side, and rear impacts, but this may not be the case after all.

The car was to undergo extensive reengineering in order to pass regulations and be roadworthy, however Alfa Romeo's head Fabrizio Curci has said that safety wasn't the issue. According to Curci, the Giulia is being delayed because Alfa wants to make improvements to make the car perfect. The initial rumors about the cause of delay made by Automotive News Europe said that buyers would have to wait months until the safety problem is fixed. According to Curci, since the cause of delay wasn't safety, it only needed a few weeks to refine the car to its standards. If this is true, then Alfa Romeo needs to answer questions about why the car has been delayed for more than a year.

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