This Is The Reason Pagani Should Never Make A Four-Door Car


Some things are too sacred to mess with.

It's not all that uncommon to see custom cars slapped together using parts from other cars to make a sort of automotive Frankenstein, but it's fairly unusual when both the donor cars in question each cost more than a million dollars. Thanks to the demented mind of rendering artist Jan Peisert, we now know what that looks like. The steampunk spaceship from the future aesthetic comes via a Pagani Huayra while the more stout and noble of the two cars is none other than the million dollar Aston Martin Lagonda.

The end goal of the experiment was to create a four-door Pagani, the first of its kind and one that we're sure would keep Horacio Pagani tossing and turning at night out of angst.

Why Peisert decided that the Lagonda was the best four-door base car to use for the model is beyond us. If anything, the results are like any other piece of art, invoking a reaction, whether positive or negative, getting the viewer to think about the subject, and changing our perspectives. Our take away from this is that Pagani, like Ferrari, should never build a four door car. Some things are sacred and not to be messed with, and the four-seat GTC4Lusso is as close to sacrilege as Ferrari should ever get. For now we're happily waiting to see just what the topless Huayra Roadster looks like whenever Pagani decides to show anything more than a tease.

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