This Is The Reason Why Full Service Gas Stations Still Exist


You can't fix stupid.

There are actually gas stations both in and outside of the US that offer full service. Yes, someone will fill up your car with fuel just like it's 1955. Tipping them, of course, is something you should do, too. It's also a fair question to ask yourself why you would willingly pay more for full service plus tipping when it's so easy to fill-up a car all by your lonesome self. Really, this isn't genius work here. But there are idiots still walking (or in this case, driving) amongst us. Remember, you can't fix stupid.

And it's because of these two following examples why full service gas stations are still needed. Caught on security cameras are these two car owners displaying their mental ability at its finest. Both pull up to gas pumps for a simple fill-up.

Neither situation ends well because both drivers forgot the gas nozzle was still attached before driving away. One driver was lucky and no explosion occurred. The other, well, not so much.

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