This Is The Reason Why So Many Infiniti Models Feel Old

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The company is just waiting for electrification.

Infiniti has big plans to electrify its entire model lineup by 2021. The company has some really pretty concept cars from which it can refresh its lineup, but the current Infiniti lineup is looking extremely stale. The Q50 and Q60 are by far the most modern car models, while the Q70 is basically a rebadged M37/56, which has been on the market since 2010. All three of these cars are based on Nissan's FM rear-drive platform, which originally debuted on the 2001 Nissan Skyline. In an interview with Go Auto, Infiniti stressed the importance of change.


Infiniti plans to replace its RWD platform in favor of an standard AWD architecture. The current FM platform isn't equipped to handle electrification. "All new product we do after 2021 is going to be electrified and it should be in sync with the new package or platform," said Infiniti Motor Company product strategy vice-president, Francois Bancon. When asked about which models will be given the greatest priority, Bancon said "The oldest are the priority obviously, it's not about one product versus another but it's just about cascading management and updating all of them. We would prefer to replace faster but we have some limits because it is a radical shift for us."

The Q70 is the oldest car in the Infiniti lineup, having debuted back in 2010. The Q50 and QQ60 are more fresh, so there is less pressure to replace them. Although the Q70 is in desperate need of a refresh, it may have to wait until 2021 "because nothing is available before." In fact, none of Infiniti's models will see a major update for three more years. Even though competitors still have RWD platforms, Infiniti will move towards AWD with 50:50 front-to-rear distribution. The wait for a new platform could also explain the long wait for a 370Z replacement. Infiniti needs new cars now, but it is good to hear that major updates are at least on the way.


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