This Is The Reason Why The Zenvo ST1 Caught On Fire In Copenhagen

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There's more to the story.

Just a few days ago, we reported that a Danish-built Zenvo ST1 caught on fire while racing around the track at the Historic Grand Prix in Copenhagen. This is the second such incident in which the 1,100 hp V8-powered ST1 burst into flames during a public setting since its infamous appearance on Top Gear. Today, however, we have an update. According to a representative of Zenvo Automotive, preliminary inspections of the incident point towards a fuel line failure as the cause of the fire underneath the car.

This is precisely what we speculated in the initial report on CarBuzz. But there's actually more to the story than just a faulty fuel line. According to Zenvo, the car that was used in Copenhagen was actually a "development car" equipped with a brand new gearbox and numerous other new features that were still being tested. Additionally, Zenvo has clarified that the development car is different from their 11 current production cars. Apparently the production vehicles undergo thorough quality and shakedown tests before being delivered to customers. We certainly hope this is the case. It would be an awful shame to have an incident like this on a public road. So take it for what you will, but we'll give Zenvo the benefit of the doubt here.

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