This Is The Second Mustang This Week To Wreck After Leaving A Car Show

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Just Mustangs doing Mustang things.

The plague has caught on and is now spreading like a wild fire. It all started with a handful of Mustangs burying their noses and axles into passing cars and curbs alike while leaving Cars and Coffee events. Now it's spread to other car events, and the results appear to be just as disastrous. Ford must be happy about it because it means owners have to buy new parts, but there's still not much that's worse than trying to show off and endangering the lives of surrounding spectators.

This Mustang we see here is casually leaving the Lake Forrest Sports Car event when suddenly it faces a sea of onlookers with iPhones drawn.

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With a need to impress embedded in its DNA, this Mustang overcomes its driver with an itch to assert dominance. The owner complies by overtaking a black hatchback with the press of the throttle. Then, things start to go wrong. Digging deeper into the rev range only unlocks the tires from the pavement for a nasty slide. Overcorrection and braking instantly sends the rear's momentum in the opposite direction where it hits a curb and lands against a tree. With this being the second Mustang crash to happen outside of a car show this week, it's safe to say that the phenomenon is more a fact of Mustang life than an anomaly. But seriously, what is it about the Mustang that makes this happen so often?

It's hard to tell for sure, it doesn't seem like publicly shaming the drivers is doing any good.

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