This Is The Seven-Seat Alfa Romeo SUV We've All Been Waiting For

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If FCA can move enough Stelvio SUVs, you can bet a beast like this will soon make it to the dealership.

Just like the late 70s and early 80s saw celebrities and common people don crazy hairstyles, neon colors, and adopt disco dance styles, the 2010s are forcing automakers to dress their cars in wacky styles to conform to the whims of the almighty dollar. In this case, it's the SUV's popularity that's changing aesthetics and forcing all automakers, from Volkswagen all the way to Subaru, to adopt the seven-seat SUV body style. Alfa Romeo, once again a newbie to the American market, has yet to debut such a car.

However, as rendering artist Marco Maltese of Italian auto site Trazione Posteriore (which means rear-wheel drive in Italian) imagines, Alfa Romeo could soon build such a vehicle and by the looks of things, it won't lose an ounce of sex appeal during the bulking phase. From every corner the SUV is unmistakably Italian and plainly an Alfa. Preserved is the modern V-shaped grille and its accompanying intakes below from the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. Wheel spokes are of the bone thin variety, allowing for the large brakes and yellow calipers to shine through, giving the SUV a hint of sportiness to go along with the downward sloping rear roofline.

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Unlike the four-door coupes of our day, this Alfa SUV seems to offer plenty of headroom inside and like the Jaguar F-Pace or Alfa's own Stelvio, does so without compromising the vehicle's sleek silhouette. To our eyes, the rear doors are a bit too large to make it to production, especially because they hint at a lack of trunk space that already sees its cargo room cut away by the bulbous rear window and its large wing complimenting wing. One thing Alfa Romeo wants to be sure to do is to avoid cannibalizing Maserati sales, especially as the Trident mulls another SUV, and will do so by downscaling on the luxury factor of any Alfa Romeo it builds.

We're okay with the chrome and leather accents remaining an upmarket Maserati exclusive as long as Alfa Romeo gets to keep its carbon fiber and sporty looks. That's a style we can't imagine many customers would shy away from.

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