This Is The Story Of How The New Ford GT Came To Fruition

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How will a supercar from the Americas fair against supercars from across the Atlantic?

The Ford GT blew the minds of everyone at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show because it was one of the best looking cars to hit the show floor in a while and came with the promise that it could take on Maranello's best. America isn't really known for its supercars but Ford is obviously aiming to change that. The new GT packs a twin-turbo V6 good for over 600 horsepower. Yeah, it's not a V8 but it should still be more than capable of running with Ferrari's new supercars. Like it did with the Focus RS, Ford has made a documentary on the making of the GT.

See how it all got started in the first part of a three-part documentary on the GT. Damn this thing looks good.

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