This Is The Strangest VW Trademark Rumor We've Heard All Year

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Sometimes, however, these rumors turn out to be true.

According to VW Vortex, Volkswagen recently filed a somewhat unusual name for a trademark application with the European Intellectual Property Office. Does the moniker 'Type 7' ring a bell to anyone? If you're a fan of old school VWs, then you'll recognize the name as that belonging to the Schwimmwagen, a 1940s era military vehicle. You don't need to be fluent in German to know that translates to "Swimming Car," aka an amphibious vehicle. Could an amphibious vehicle, likely a concept, be in the works? Probably not, but we wouldn't be surprised to see 'Type 7' applied to a future electric vehicle concept. More on that in a moment.


Those familiar with VW history will know early models were referred to as 'Type', followed by a number. For example, the Beetle was Type 1 and the Kombi was Type 2. Is it also possible VW is reviving the 'Type' naming scheme in addition to the upcoming I.D. lineup of all-electric vehicles? Hey, anything's possible but if we had to place a bet, we'd wager the trademark application is for an upcoming concept.

VW Vortex further speculates a concept bearing that name could appear as soon as this March at Geneva. Another possibility is a production version of the electric beach buggy concept VW recently teased. That'd definitely be cool but this is only a guess as of right now.

Also interesting to point out is that in addition to VW filing it for motor vehicles, it also did so for two other fields related to product merchandising. And in case some of you are wondering, VW has not trademarked, as far as we know, names such as Type 1, Type 2, etc. Meanwhile, the first production-spec VW I.D. vehicle, a hatchback, is set to debut next year before it goes on sale for 2020.


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