This Is The Stunning Mid-Engined Corvette That We Have Been Waiting For

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An awesome design team has beaten GM to the punch.

The Aria Group is a design firm and fabrication company that is known for building concept cars for major automakers. It is, for example, responsible for helping Singer build incredible classic Porsche 911 models. As a homage to late GM designer Ed Taylor, who happens to be the father of the company's co-founder, Aria has built what it believes is the ultimate Corvette. This is the car that GM has been hesitant to build, a mid-engined Corvette, and Aria's take on it is absolutely stunning.

We spoke with Aria to get some details about this stunning creation. We'll also be asking additional questions about it in the very near future, so be sure to look out for our full interview. Aria calls this mid-engined Corvette the Fast Eddy. "Fast Eddy represents our continued passion for automotive design," said Clive Hawkins, founder and CEO of Aria Group. "Our belief is that in a world currently fascinated with products, technology and 'mobility,' there is still a space for design in its highest form. Cars should be moving sculptures, breathtaking for the onlooker and truly emotional for the driver." Clearly this was a passion project.

The design for the Fast Eddy is based on the Chevrolet Aerovette XP-882, which debuted as a concept in 1977 but went no further. We think that Aria's design certainly pays homage to that concept, but further takes it to the modern era. If you are wondering who is Fast Eddy, he was the vice president of design during the golden years at General Motors. Ed Taylor was responsible for many cars in the company's history, including the C4 Corvette. He was also the father of of Aria Group's co-founder, Charles Taylor, who continues his father's legacy with his amazing design company. The Fast Eddy is the company's first original concept.

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As of now, this car is only a concept with no engine or interior. It's a bit of a throwback that is also futuristic at the same time. It reminds us of the Singer 911, which also combines classic styling and modern performance. Aria says that it could build the car in limited numbers if demand is high enough. Depending on the hardware, the Aria Corvette could cost anywhere from $200,000 to $1,000,000. At best, 100 of these will be built in a limited run. We look forward to speaking with Aria to talk about the Fast Eddy and learn more about its impressive design.

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