This Is The Subaru BRZ STI Teaser Image We've All Been Waiting For

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No more rumors, the Subaru BRZ STI seems to be happening this time.

As AMG's 50th anniversary was approaching, a slew of press releases from Mercedes told us to take the year 2017 to sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and try not to get too exited as the tuner debuted a handful of exciting new models and special editions with hand built engines and a multitude of steroid injections. Thing is, Subaru of America is also honoring its 50th anniversary and we previously caught wind that it was cooking up a special high performance BRZ to celebrate.

Spy photos of a BRZ testing near Subaru's Michigan headquarters and wearing a large rear wing and STI badges found their way online, confirming that the BRZ that was never supposed to be was actually going to make production. Now Subaru gives us a more direct clue by taking to Twitter with an image of a large rear and the STI logo inscribed on its endplates, the short trunk giving little doubt to the fact it's mounted on a BRZ. The only message attached to the photos read, "Stay tuned…6/8/17. #STI." Mark your calendars, June 8th will be here next week. Count us among the excited because this is a moment that fans of Japanese sports cars has been waiting a long time for.

Thing is, our level of excitement varies. Just how excited we get is dependent on how Subaru answers one crucial question: will the BRZ get more power? The lightweight sports car was never meant to win any drag races-exemplified by the BRZ's Toyota-badged clone losing to a Chrysler Pacifica minivan in a drag race-its forte is putting a smile a driver's face. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a BRZ driver that doesn't wish for more than 205 horsepower that the flat-four engine sends to the rear wheels. The bad news is that the spy photos gave no hints that any form of forced induction was coming to the BRZ STI. The good news is that forced induction is not the only way to make more horsepower. Fingers crossed, yeah?

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